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Redefining the dynamics of home renovations

A home is not just an arrangement of brick and mortar, there is a lot more to it. CubitHOMES' mantra is based on a 'fulfillment model'. The fulfilment of wishes. The fulfillment of happiness.

The process begins with an idea, follows with designing and culminates with satisfaction.

Not going by the conventional methods, we believe in creating spectacular and awe-inspiring spaces in optimum time and budget.

Our architectural journey started more than two decades back. We have worked and trained under the guidance of Charles Correa - arguably 'India's greatest architect'. This brought within us a unique mind-set which has led us to break the clichés in designing. We metamorphosed from an architectural consulting firm to present day where we wish to change the dynamics of doing home renovations.

Arwa & Imtiaz Lokandwala

More than two decades of experience in home interiors, we have created our own designed and engineered concept which harbours maximum amount of customization and personalization.

We believe in designing an abode that reflects the wishes of the client’s heart. Eliminating the anxieties that are typically adjoined to room makeover, we do things differently.


Our working pattern is transparent and we firstly ensure transparency in cost.

We have a team of creative designers, product engineers and visualizers who work keeping client's comfort in mind. Our 5000 sqft. upwards workshop and a team of facilitators help us in realizing our drawings to help finish complete home renovations in a month's time.

It is not just about creating interiors rather, it is all about cultivating the joy within. It's all about seeing ones wish list come to life.