Replicate your kid’s personality to his/her room makeover theme. Soak them in a vibrant world of creativity by offering a colourful twist to their room. Colour kid’s room makeover, leaves no room for dark. It relishes the senses. Elements like cute bunk beds , study station and choicest wall arts make it more attractive.

Retail price Rs.498000

Offer Price Rs.2,77,000

YOU PAY Study Rooms Size<150 sq.ft


Item Details Cost

Bunk Bed

MS braced suspended beds from the ceiling in a L format. It shall be delivered complete with railing, ladder rail finished with wooden treads. Cushioned bedback to match the theme on two extreme sides. The base of the platform is finished with carpet or vinyl.
9' x 6'6"
Unit Cost Rs.60000



Pocket spring matress

2'6" x 6'

Unit Cost Rs.15000



Pocket spring matress

6' x 7' x 18"

Unit Cost Rs.84000



Wardobe with green blackboard, whiteboard and mirror finished shutters as shown to double up as dresser and creativity zone
6' x 7' x 18"

Unit Cost Rs.84000 84000



A three feet wide desk which has a long drawer and wooden top.
3' x 18" x 30" Unit Cost Rs.22000



Softboard over desk.
3' x 2' Unit Cost Rs.3000


Overhead storage

A partly covered partly open overhead storage and a vertical full ht open storage for books
4' x 16"x 16" Unit Cost Rs.26000



A bucket shaped plastic chair with wooden legs
Unit Cost Rs.7500


Wall shelf and signage

A wall shelf for books, toys, trophies highlighted by the kids names backlit signage. Along with Rods and pinup spaces for stationery and material with easel holder for the art enthusiast kid
5' x 1'
Unit Cost Rs.40000



A set of curtains with a 10' long roller channel system co-ordinated as per room theme

10' width of window

Unit Cost Rs.16000



Add ons

Bedcover set, one large pillow cover, duvet, two comfort pillows as per theme

Unit Cost Rs.9000



Queen size pillow

20" x 30"

Unit Cost Rs.350


Lighting, Theme and painting

Lighting design with appropriate LED light fixtures incorporated in the existing switch boards existing. Bunk bed ceiling in acrylic strips of different colors. Asian paints plastic paint on ceiling with royale paints on walls as per chosen design

Unit Cost Rs.50000



Wall art themed wallpaper on one side wall


Unit Cost Rs.30000

Name signage

Customised name signage with the childs name.

Unit Cost Rs.25000


Switch plate modifications

Add ons

Augmentative switch and socket detailing to enhance user comfort by creating different lighting moods. Includes complete switch board replacements and location designing.

Unit Cost Rs.10000


Digital Home

Access your lighting from your phone. All lights can be digitally controlled along with the speed of fan.

Unit Cost Rs.50000


Window Pelmet

Modification - Simple pelmet in wood finish of 4" ht to hide curtain channels

Pelmet in ply and gypsum finish with space for passage of copper pipes and support for split ac. It shall also act as a pelmet to fix the curtain channels on

As per window wall width

Unit Cost Rs.150004500

You can modify your item here

Modification - Simple pelmet in wood finish of 4" ht to hide curtain channles



Total Cost

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