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Tender Green

Tender green recreates the incredible Mother Nature in your infant’s room. The room makeover looks refreshing and feels like lying in the lap of Mother Nature. The choice of elements like the backrest chair, the pouf, the nappy changing station and the storage just sets the most amicable environment for the parents and the new born

Retail price Rs.167900

Offer Price Rs.85,900

YOU PAY Study Rooms Size<150 sq.ft


Item Details Cost

Rock N Nap

Cubit's rock n nap to give your new born his/her first space. A rocker on wheels with transparent side rails allowing the child freedom of view of his mother
3'3"x 2'4"
Unit Cost Rs.23000


Nappy Changer Storage

A working table height storage with three drawers for the babies clothing with a nappy changer tray on top which lifts into a softboard when not in use

4' x 18" x 42"

Unit Cost Rs.36000


Slim Storage

A slim low height storage fixed to the wall with sliding door shutters with graphics for kids clothing and toys

6' x 12" x 48"

Unit Cost Rs.36000


Corner Shelves

A simple wall storage for the kids toys and books

2' x 9"

Unit Cost Rs.1800


High Back Chair

A large comfortable chair for the mother to sit cross legged and cradle the baby along with taking a nap herself

3' x 16" x 2'6"

Unit Cost Rs.18000



A comfortable stool for the mother to rest her feet on

Unit Cost Rs.6000



A baby matress to fit in the crib with a color co-ordinated cover and mosquito net to cover the crib

10' width of window

Unit Cost Rs.3500



Asian royale paints of a plain color on one wall and patterned texture on second wall as per chosen design. (For a maximum of 100 sft of Texture paint included on back wall)

Unit Cost Rs.30000


Total Cost

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