How to choose a bedtype for your room

So we all need a regular bed in the master bedroom. Here is a collection of a few types so you can identity what’s suits your needs the best. Hope this helps.


First thing to choose is size: So a queen size bed is 5′ width. A King size bed is 6′ width. 


There are several ways to build both the sizes of beds. Let’s discuss the pro and con of each.


1. A bed without storage make the space look very spacious as you can see the uninterrupted floor.


2. The bed can be a floating bed. it simply means it’s legs are behind and one can add a light strip on the edge to give it the floating look. it does occupy a lot more space so ideal only in big rooms.


3. A poster bed. very ancient type of bed, looks very regal, fits beautifully in a large bedroom. the poles are used to tie curtains which will give you a cozy feel.


4. Storage bed. The current favorite. a simple box with a manual lift. so remove the mattress and access the storage below.


5. Storage bed with drawers on the side.


6. Storage bed with a hydraulic lift on a plywood base or on slats. What this essentially does is lifts the mattress with the full bed top. no need to pick up anything. very convenient in storage beds. 


7.  Hydraulic bed with drawers on the side. one may need the extra space for the daily extra blankets and dont want to lift the full bed then this version really helps. 


8.  Hydraulic bed with a remote control. 
The manual job can be done with the help of a remote control.


9. Hydraulic bed with a straight top. 

This takes the bed up and keeps it straight at a table gt with the mattress. 
now it becomes very easy to go around the bed and tuck it in neatly. no backaches. 


So here are a few very commonly available and used options. 
See what works best for you and what fits well in your bedroom.


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